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A Smartphone is now a common gadget to almost everyone's pocket. Your potential customers may love to use their mobile and open an app to make a purchase. However, you haven't created a mobile app for them. It may turn out to be the major reason behind the loss of prospects. Thus, never waste a minute to think twice of these apps; start taking steps to develop one.

If you are confused on selecting the mobile platform, we choose Android for you. Our developers and researchers have seen that Android has become the most popular mobile OS to the present generation. Then, why don't you rely on this platform for your app development approach. At Tekniko, a reputed

mobile app development company in Delhi

, we have a team of highly skilled

Android developers

to develop the custom apps for you. Creating the most functional app is our passion. Our app developers and programmers know everything of Android, and thus, they design the most thrilling apps for your target users.
Why to rely on Android apps-
Reasonable investment

Our developers can deal with Android SDK at free of cost. The open-source Android platform is easy to learn. We develop your Android app, test it and deploy it at the lowest cost.

Easy to customize

Android helps our programmers with its versatile features. It becomes very simple for us to add multimedia application, communication system and data management tool. After we have developed the app for you, it can be updated very easily.


A secure mobile platform with no malware risk is always desirable. That's why our developers also choose it for app development.

Thinking of protecting the useful data?

Lots of business owners have a concern on the security aspects of their Android app. However, we remove these concerns by choosing Java as one of the best programming language. We think that Java is a highly versatile language, and thus, our programmers use it for the development of Android apps.

About Company

Android application


We develop and design our mobile apps, especially for Android OS. We add Android-friendly features to our native apps, and make them easily accessible to the device users

Hybrid Android application-

With the use of JavaScript, CSS and HTML5, we apply our app development codes. Our error-free coding enables your app to work on Android OS smoothly without causing any issue.

Our process
The technology that boost your apps
    Programming languages

    Write better Android apps faster with Kotlin and java. Kotlin is a modern statically typed programming language that will boost your productivity and security.


    We make use of the Android SDK and Android NDK kits delivering robust and engaging apps.


    Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android app . You can also use keyboard shortcuts to access most IDE features.


    If you need to manage data in a private database, use the android.database.sqlite classes. These classes are used to manage the Cursor object returned from a content provider query.

Step towards digitalization

Beacon Integration

GPS Integration

SMS Intergration

Live Streaming

Porting &Migration

MDM Integration

Audio Calling

Video Calling

Payment Gateway

Chat Server

Wearable Integration

Third Party Integration

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